Laniakea, a Healing Sanctuary in Paradise

Last year an unbelievable opportunity presented itself to me

to be part of a small community building an off-grid eco community in glorious Maui.

This secluded location, set amidst thousands of acres of rainforest along the coast is about 2 hours from the closest store.

Acres of organic gardens and a food forest rich in nourishment.

Yes.  That still exists there.


The name given to this sacred land is Laniakea and

means Immeasurable Heaven.  

As a steward of this land I intend for it to be a very simple sanctuary 

where people can come to rest, renew and

remember the Sacredness of Life with the

loving support of Mama Aina & Masters from around the world.

Tiny retreats of depth to awaken your heart of hearts

...away from cell phones, laptops and the constant buzz of life

in the city.

Fewer distractions so that you can go deep

and remember who you are.


This is a grassroots project and will take years to develop

Thank you to those that continue to hold sacred space at Samadhi

so that I may stretch my wings and heed the call to fly to new horizon in creation of yet another soul's journey.


There will be lots of opportunity for anyone wishing to be part.

Just keep your eyes peeled and thank you for the abundance of well wishes and offers to share in the creation of this very sacred space.

It truly takes a village.

My gratitude runs deep for the many ways you contribute

to this great unfolding.

We co-create this world together.

May we do so consciously and lovingly.


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