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Why Mindfulness?

Life today can be complicated.  Typically we extend ourselves far beyond what is healthy and many of us have strayed so far away from ourselves, that we have forgotten how to live truly fulfilling and joyful lives.  

Studies now show us, that stress is the number one cause of disease in the world and work tends to be the most significant source of stress in people's lives.  More than half of Americans consider their job to the their greatest source of stress.  

There is another, much greater possibility.  The time-tested, scientifically proven benefits of a consistent Yoga Nidra practice has the power to change everything as you now know it.  

Yoga Nidra helps us to see situations from a fresh perspective and find our equilibrium no matter what life throws our way. It's simple, yet effective even when practiced for as little as 10 minutes a day.

Stress Reduction
It is said that Emotional Intelligence is a key predictor of great leaders.  Yoga Nidra supports us in increasing awareness of self and others as well as helping us live more from centered response, rather than from reaction. 
Grow Emotional Intelligence

Good quality sleep is essential for health and overall quality of life. A regular Yoga Nidra practice can help you fall asleep more easily and have you experiencing more restful sleep throughout the night.

Better Sleep

With Yoga Nidra, people have found relief from chronic pain that medication and other pain-management programs have been unable to resolve.  A scientific study has shown that Yoga Nidra reduces the intensity of pain and the extent to which pain interferes with daily life. 

The U.S. Army Surgeon General has has listed Yoga Nidra as a Tier 1 approach for addressing Pain Management in Military Care.

Resolve Chronic Pain
Experience results with weekly, bi-weekly or monthly classes

Investment in our health and that of our employees always contributes to more.  With programs structures in either 3, 6 or 12-month terms, you can expect to see a complete shift in perspective in yourself and in your staff.  

Course includes:
– Introduction to and experience of mindfulness
– Tools for daily stress reduction
– Evidence-based tools to actually change the neurology of the brain
– Stress reduction recordings for home use

Yoga Nidra Mindfulness Programs

*A consistent and continual practice is essential to in order to gain ultimate benefit. 

*Discounts available for renewed contracts. 

* Call for details.

Professional Mindfulness Retreats

Give your employees the experience of a deeper dive into the benefits of Yoga Nidra Mindfulness Meditation.

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