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The Secret Kiss of the Sun and Moon, The Luminous Teachings of the Koshas

"Who looks outside dreams. Who looks inwards awakens." ~Carl Jung​
The Secret Kiss of the Sun and Moon, The Luminous Teachings of the Koshas

Time & Location

Time is TBD
Maui, Maui, Hawaii, USA

About the Event

Coming November 2020

When we understand how we became who we are, the path to our ultimate fulfillment and joy is made clear.  Come to know the five bodies or sheaths that make up your being and are the path back to Self.  The wisdom to your own enlightenment is closer than your own breath.  It is in the blueprint of your own being. 

During this introductory workshop you'll explore the fascinating ancient wisdom which can help us to know more of who and what we truly are.  This empowers us to move beyond the prison of the mind into a far greater freedom of being.  We will get a taste of how the koshas relate to the sublime and truly transformative technology of Yoga Nidra and, of course enjoy a delicious yoga nidra full practice.

Andora integrates her decades of study in yoga, meditation, energy medicine, shamanic studies, eastern studies, quantum thought and so much more into her programs. Her delight is sharing wisdom techniques with others so that they too are empowered to experience divinity within and spread that across the whole planet.

A very worthy $45 Investment

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