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Bliss Point, The Doorway to Everything

“The heart is the hub of all sacred places. Go there and roam.” ~ Bhagawan Nityananda
Bliss Point, The Doorway to Everything

Time & Location

Time is TBD
Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland

About the Event

Coming in August 2020

Maya is the illusion through which we experience life.  It is the grand opportunity for Source to experience itself.  Understanding that we are the ever present, timeless space of Being is the beginning to the path home, where we rest in the pure wisdom of love consciousness and everything that is.  There is a specific point in our being that is the access point to pure illumination and it is within reach. 

During this introductory workshop you'll explore the fascinating ancient wisdom related to the passage to Bliss.  The ancient sages and great teachers have always known that the doorway is within.  Even the monks and sages of today live this and wonder why we do not yet know this truth.  

Andora integrates her decades of study in yoga, meditation, energy medicine, shamanic studies, eastern studies, quantum thought and so much more into her programs. Her delight is sharing wisdom techniques with others so that they too are empowered to experience divinity within and spread that across the whole planet.

A very worthy $45 Investment

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