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Yoga Nidra Ceremony in Majestic Peru

Being Rescheduled

A journey that takes you directly back to heart

Tucked under the tawny skirts of formidable foothills, the beautiful Río Urubamba Valley, known as El Valle Sagrado (the Sacred Valley), is about 15km north of Cuzco as the condor flies, via a narrow road of hairpin turns.  This area —which includes the Andean mountains and the valley surrounding the Urubamba River — once formed the epicenter of the Inca Empire. From harrowing mountain peaks and rural villages to roaming llamas and alpacas, Peru's Sacred Valley is legendary.  

After our main retreat in Pisac, we will venture onto Machu Picchu, one of the seven wonders of the world, for a 3-day journey.  Machu Picchu sits nearly 8000 feet above sea level and its precise stone construction is spread along a narrow and uneven mountain vista, tucked up against a 1300 foot sheer cliff, overlooking the Urubamba Valley and River. The whole city was hidden (and thus saved) from marauding conquistadores for centuries and its high remote location makes if feel like it is floating on a sheet of mist.

Study & experience the Illumination of Being in the Sacred Valley

You are invited to take an epic journey that will leave you forever changed.  A 10 day, 9 night Exploration of Self in one of the most majestic and sacred places on the planet which includes a 3-day excursion with the group to Machu Picchu.  

Retreat Dates:  We are still waiting for covid to pass and Peru to safely open.  Please keep eyes peeled for new dates to arrive soon.  

PLAN AHEAD.  This epic adventure is sure to sell out!


  • DAY ONE - Arrive into Cusco by12 noon.  Shuttle will leave for Pisac by 1:00pm.  Once we arrive at our home in Pisac enjoy a brief Welcome & Orientation with time to get settled and rest before our first wonderful Andean meal together.  Following that we enter into a warm and inviting Despacho Blessing Ceremony to bless our journey together.  You can bring something special to place on our joined altar, or gather something from the earth or market here.  This will be taken home with you after our time together.  

  • MORNINGS - Each day begins with a Yoga Nidra practice while the body and mind are still in a restful state and the mind is most pliable and receptive, followed by a delicious Andean breakfast.  Then enjoy some quiet personal time in the grand nature of this special place.  Our home for the retreat sits in the splendid Pisac region.  Open your heart and open your mind to a new experience of freedom within. 

  • DAILY - Our days will include a combination of Yoga Nidra experience (often times multiple times a day to begin dissolving old ways that no longer serve and create new neural pathways towards greater presence of Being) Andean Yoga, advanced Pranayama to awaken and illuminate the Third Eye, Sacred Ceremony, time to rest and be introspective, nature walks and hikes, a visit to Pisac market, interactive classes on Yoga Nidra, The Technology of Spirit, The Luminous Path of Enlightenment and so much more, Optional Plant Medicine with respected local Shaman, healing saunas, sweat lodge, group hike, Mercadito Verde and so much more...


Experience visionary plant ceremonies with world renowned musician, Alonso Del Rio in his Templo in Taray, Peru.  Alonso has created The Winaypaq school for Andean children in the sacred valley as well as a land stewardship and reforestation project in the amazon. 

($108 recommended offering to Alonso)


Plant the seeds of your New Year's Intention here, at one

of the seven wonders of the world.  Machu Picchu sits

nearly 8000 feet above sea level and its precise stone

construction is spread along a narrow and uneven mountain

vista, tucked up against a 1300 foot sheer cliff, overlooking

the Urubamba Valley and River. The whole city was hidden

(and thus saved) from marauding conquistadores for

centuries and its high remote location makes if feel like it is

floating on a sheet of mist.


Machu Picchu's walls, caves and buildings are widely

adorned with intricate carvings in the citadel, boasting

carefully selected cave entrances, strange altars, 600

impressively engineered terraces, a little more than half a

mile long aqueduct and exquisitely engineered buildings. Quizzical llama lawnmowers help to keep the grass beautifully manicured around the buildings, showing off their best features. It is indeed a sensory feast for 21st Century eyes staring first-hand at structures built by Incan hands more than a thousand years ago!


Did you know that the positioning of the buildings are no accident? Inca people were master astrologers, the Milky Way had particular significance, and they arranged structures within the citadel to align with the cosmos or rising of the sun at specific times of year.


The technique used to build the structure is called called “ashlar”, this means that stones are precisely cut to fit together without any mortar. This method is so precise that not even a credit card can slide between stones. Peru has experienced hundreds of years of seismic activity, yet the stones the Inca's crafted stand strong, mostly undamaged by nature's powerful forces.


Looking out over the central plaza to the far end of Machu Picchu, we find the Sacred Rock, something you will notice in almost every Inca village. The Inca practiced placing a sacred stone in close proximity to the building site and this was dedicated to the site itself, which adds to the intrigue of the site; what did this mean to these people, and what daily practices took place right here where you stand, some say they can still feel the energy of these people and the land they revered so much.


The Sacred Stone of Machu Picchu was carefully placed at the base of Huayna Picchu (or little peak), a place from which it’s possible to ascend right up to the summit, for a magnificent view down the valley. After your hour-long hike to the top of the peak, you can choose to stop off on the way back down at the Gatekeeper’s shack for a signed memoir, verifying you have conquered the steep climb up Huayna Picchu. The rock, resembling the shape of the top of the mountains behind it is a shrine where the Incas carried out special rituals and pachamamas (offerings to the earth).


The Sacred Rock is a powerful symbol in Machu Picchu, and is recognized as being a spiritual area for meditation and absorbing positive energies.

Included in your investment:

  • Airport pickup and drop off in Cusco

  • 7 nights lodging in a beautifully inviting, family-owned Bed & Breakfast nestled in the Andes of Peru

  • 2 nights lodging on our Machu Picchu excursion

  • Ground transportation to/from group activities

  • Three delicious vegetarian meals per day​ prepared with fresh, locally grown food

  • Yoga Nidra practice galore

  • Teachings on Yoga Nidra:  

    • Science of Soul

    • Science of Transformation

    • Energetics of Creation

    • The Doorway to Illumination

  • Specific pranayama practice to illuminate the Third Eye

  • Andean Yoga

  • Despacho Blessing Ceremony (Plus learn how to do your own at home)

  • Apu mountains experience at the sacred Qinsa Kosha lakes, 16,000 feet of elevation

  • Visit to Pisac market

  • Mercadito Verde - Local Green Market with only handmade products; from vegan desserts to jewelry. All fresh and organic. 

  • Kirtan & Cacao Ceremony 

  • Sound healing


Not included in your investment:

  • ​International flights to/from Lima

  • Flights to/from Cusco (Flights are typically most affordable round trip to Denver/Lima and then a separate roundtrip flight Cusco/Lima.)

  • Travel insurance is highly recommended for any unforeseen medical expenses and/or trip cancellation.

  • Gratuity for those going the extra mile to take care of you on your special journey

  • Financial offerings for optional plant medicine ceremonies ($108 is the recommended offering per ceremony.)

  • Shopping/souvenirs 

  • Personal activities and excursions 

  • Massage, herbal floral bath, sauna

  • Optional jyotish reading with Jyotish Master using 60 different charts along with excellent spiritual guidance.  (These sessions can be done over the phone.)  Best done at least a few weeks before the retreat in order to provide ample time for evening pujas to welcome in the Sacred Beings who assist you in clearing obstacles from your path and illuminate that which empowers you to fulfill your true dharma.

  • Optional plant medicine ceremony to illuminate your spiritual path with local shaman

All Inclusive Fair Pricing to support your awakening.


  • Accommodations and 3 delicious vegetarian meals/day for 8 days/7 nights at the beloved Nidra Wasi, a family-owned bed & breakfast in Pisac Peru.  The bed & breakfast is located at the feet of Apu Intihuatana, Pisac's main archaeological site.  

  • Accommodations and meals for 3 day/2 night excursion to Machu Picchu.

  • 30 hours Yoga Alliance Approved Community Education Hours






Shared room: 

$2510 Early Bird or 

$2860 includes $350 increase for later registration fee 

Single room: 

$2910 Early Bird or

$3260 includes $350 increase for later registration fee 

SAVE $350 with Early Bird Registration PLUS Secure your spot!!  Space is limited and expected to sell out! 

Registration ends after August 30, 2020, but is expected to sell out far before then

$525 deposit saves your spot!

"Once a year go someplace you've never been before."                                                                        ~ Dalai Lama

“One awakened soul is enough to change the world. 

One seed is enough to reforest the world.”

~Swami Vivekananda

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