Samudra, the unbounded and infinite sea where sacred waters from the seven great rivers and beyond join together.  All waters are moved by their desire to return to the ocean.  We are mostly water.  

Samudra Yoga Nidra combines wisdom teachings from many lineages new and old to provide an experience of stillness beyond the confinement of mind where everything is possible.  Ancient sages along with today's monks in the high Himalayas, rishis of India and shamans of the world understand that we hold within us the keys to accessing the Truth of all things.  The path to ultimate joy and enlightenment is within our cells.  It's programmed into us, just like the wisdom to know how to breathe is programmed into us.  The significance of the seven chakras and the Third Eye are instrumental in gaining access to the Ocean of Bliss.  Surrender leads the way to revealing everything. 

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